Australia Promises Biggest Fireworks Display at Sydney Opera House on New Year's Eve

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As Australia’s iconic, Sydney Opera House celebrates its 40th anniversary, a promise has been made to greet new years in January 2014. It is one of the biggest midnight display of fireworks on New Year’s eve - - one Australia has yet to see.

According to the Sydney Morning Herald, the Sydney Harbour Bridge vowed for a fireworks display with an estimated one billion people who will see such event on New Year’s celebration.

Organizers have begun preparation for the much-anticipated event. The Harbour officials have tapped one of Australia’s renowned artists and musicians, Reg Mombassa to design the event’s logo.

The Mental As Anything singer remains tightlipped to the work he is expected to contribute to the event.

"If I gave the slightest bit of information away I'd be locked up for treason," quoted the Mambo artist to the Sydney Morning Herald.

However, nothing escapes to the anticipating and captivating Aussie eyes when kilometers of rope light that will be arranged in the iconic Australian bridge.

The SMH noted that the rope of light for New Year’s celebration in 2014 is twice as big as the ones used in the previous years. It is said that officials purchased rope light that could go as high as 12-storey building with 72 meters wide.

Mambossa was more than generous to provide details of the upcoming fireworks display at the Sydney bridge.

"Apparently the fireworks, the Sydney fireworks, are actually visible from the closest galactic supercluster, the Virgo Supercluster, which is 65 million light years from earth,” said Mambossa, according to SMH.

"So there will be some insect-faced aliens enjoying the fireworks display, which is nice to know.”

Meanwhile, as part of the 40th year celebration of the Sydney Opera House, the SMH also reported that it will display an estimated 1000 fireworks on New Year’s eve. The news Web site that this is the first time that the famous building is participating in the fireworks display in more than ten years.

The Sydney mayor’s office through, mayor Clover Moore apparently gave $6.8 million for fireworks display as a gift to Sydney. An estimated1.5 million people are expected to enjoy the biggest fireworks display Australia has yet to see.

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