Australia Introduces Health App in Time for Christmas

By @ibtimesau on

During Christmas one gets sick due to stress and anxiety that the harried season sometimes give. And if you get sick right smack on Christmas Day, and it so happened you're miles away from home coz you're celebrating Christmas at some other town, the more you feel you'll get sick because you don't know of any available doctor nearby. 

But fret not as the federal government, over the weekend, announced the launch of a $4.9 million health app that contains the addresses, opening schedules as well as phone numbers of GP clinics, pharmacies, emergency departments and hospitals in towns and cities all over Australia.

The free application, according to Federal Health Minister Tanya Plibersek, is accessible on both Android and Apple devices. Once a user accesses it, he or she will be connected to the National Health Services Directory and immediately get to retrieve 14,000 service records. Google Maps will even provide directions on how to go to these health providers.

"Every parent knows that a trip to the doctor or the emergency department is much more difficult when you're not familiar with the area or need to find help in the evening," Ms Plibersek said in a media statement.

"This new internet directory is easy to use and will save people, who need fast access to medical care, an enormous amount of time and trouble."

She added the directory will be expanded over the next 12 months to include more detailed information and cover more types of health services, such as allied health providers.

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