'Australia Est. 1788' Shirts for Pull Out Due To Racist and Cultural Issues

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The 'Australia Est. 1788' shirts are requested for pull out in relevance to the coming Australia Day event. Aldi, the German supermarket who released the range of promotional shirts is greatly criticised by the social media for having an alleged racist design.

The t-shirts which particularly have the logos that say "Australia Est. 1788" were considered by most to be insensitive to the genuine Aussie culture, most especially to the indigenous people of Down Under. The shirts' design somehow show its insensitivity to those who have been in the continent even before England's first fleet arrived in 1788.

Sydney Morning Herald (SMH) reports that numerous Twitter users have expressed their support on the request for the pull out of the shirts which even included Matt Mason, a lecturer from the Sunshine Coast University. An online commentator by the name of Conrad HenleyCalvert even tweeted directly to Aldi just to express his anger over the Australia EST. 1788 designs.

A part of his formal complaint letter said:

"In 1788 Australia was already inhabited by the world's oldest continuous living culture, and many of the descendants of those first Australians view 26 January as the anniversary of an invasion, not of the founding of a new nation.." The entire complaint letter can be found in his site, Uncle Conrad.

Most of the complaints made via Twitter were targeted on the @ALDIAustralia account. Aldi has responded already by apologising for any offense made and telling Twitter users that the complaints have been forwarded to the team.

Several history experts are arguing that what the shirt says is technically not right with Australia not turning into a Federation until 1901. New South Wales' British colony was set in 1788 by Captain Arthur Phillip, Business Insider addressed.

New South Wales Premier Sir Henry Parkes took 40 years dating back to 1867 getting colonies to turn out as a federation with his Tenterfield Oration landmark delivered in 1889. He convened the 1891 National Australasian Convention and passed away in 1896.

The rest of the Aldi shirts include other printed designs which say, "Hot, Young & Aussie," or "Aussie Aussie Aussie Oi Oi Oi!" They are all for sale online.

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