Australia Day 2014 Preparations, Schedules, Highlights: Melbourne Monument Filled With Graffiti Saying '26th Australia's Shame'

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(Video Credit: YouTube/7NEWS)

Many anti-Australian day individuals have greatly expressed their apparent hatred for the much awaited patriotic day of Aussies on Jan. 26 by writing graffiti over a popular Melbourne monument.

Captain Cook's cottage was sprayed for the second time in a row after the same incident occured the previous year. The slogans of the vandals written stated: "26th Jan Australia's shame" and "F*** Australia Day." The paint bombs used were crushed light bulbs as it broke a window and spread broken glass within its surroundings, Yahoo News reported.

According to the Melbourne Lord Mayor Robert Doyle, CCTV cameras were added to the cottage after being given the same threat last year. Currently, the vandal attack has been caught on video. He noted the vandals got ahead of their plans by also adding security through guards for the weekend.

"We were actually planning on doing that for this weekend but unfortunately these vandals got in in advance," Doyle said.

Victorian police said the vandals were spotted by the CCTV cameras between 2:30 a.m. and 2:40 a.m. Authorities also believed the graffiti in February 2013 was not related at all with the current incident this year.

The Captain James Cook house was made in Great Ayton, England way back in 1755, The Guardian mentioned. By 1933, an Aussie businessman bought it for £800. It was taken down brick per brick since 1934. Each part was transported to the land of Down Under even the ivy cuttings from its garden. It was then taken to be rebuilt in Australia's Fitzroy Garden in remembrance of Melbourne's settlement and now serves as a famous spot for tourists to visit and take pictures.

The previous year's vandal came with the words: "Cappy Cook was a crook killer liar theif." The ones who were allegedly behind last year's act were by Melbourne anarchists.

(Video Credit: YouTube/7NEWS)

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