Austin Mahone's Family Worried Justin Bieber Would 'Tarnish' his Good Boy Image

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Aside from Selena Gomez's family who want her to stay away from Bieber, another teen singing sensation has been advised by his family to maintain his distance from the Canadian crooner. Austin Mahone, who recently collaborated in the studio with Justin, is allegedly receiving warnings from his parents to avoid Justin Bieber. They are worried that Justin would simply "tarnish" Mahone's good boy image.

With all the controversy, partying and not to mention amount of tattoos on his body, it isn't the least bit surprising that some parents do not approve of Justin Bieber. Aside from the parents of his lady love, Selena Gomez, Justin has another worrying mother to deal with.

After spending some time with the dubbed next Justin Bieber, Austin Mahone, the mother of the 18 year old singer claim Bieber might not be good company for her son. In a report by Star, Mahone has been urged to "distance himself" from the "drug user."

"Austin's family have begged him to stay away from Justin because they think it will tarnish his 'good boy' image. They fear he'll head down the same destructive path. Austin idolizes Justin and, quite frankly, it scares the crap out of his loved ones," reports Star (via Ocean Up), adding, "They tell him that he's got his whole life and a lucrative career ahead of him, and hanging with Justin will only take him down a bad path. But, Austin's made it clear that he's now 18 and can do what he wants."

While Austin's mom has her views, "Mahomies" have their own as well. Clearly according to his fans, Austin knows his boundaries and he isn't one likely to stray from the path of "righteousness."

"This is probably true. Austin is extremely close with his mom( his dad committed suicide when he was young) She's probably worried because Austin wanted to spend his birthday him. He obviously idolizes Justin. Maybe they'll be good for each other," comments user Queen Amanda Bynes.

For now, fans of both singers will just wait and see what happens next between their collaboration and friendship in front and behind of the camera.

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