Austin Mahone Reveals Details About His Perfect Girl—Find Out More About His Dream Date!

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The newest upcoming teen sensation Austin Mahone is ready to take the stage with his Bieber like singing style. Already skilled at making teenage girls swoon, the Texas-born heartthrob made girls all over the world go wild after he revealed what kind of perfect girl he would like to date in the future.

Before revealing what kind of girl the "Mhmm Yeah" singer fancies, it is important what type of guy this Austin Mahone really is. Despite his young age, his talents in singing are at par with some of the greatest pop stars we have today.

The crooner is also no newbie when it comes to the dating department. According to Teen Vogue, the Texas native loves to make girls his number one inspiration whenever he writes songs. Turns out, Mahone is pretty much of an old-school romantic when it comes to the girls he dates.

"For a first date, I'd probably take a girl to a nice Italian restaurant, and then maybe a nice stroll on the beach before it gets dark," the crooner mentioned during the interview.

When asked about his first kiss, Mahone straightforwardly describe his experience. "My first kiss was at a birthday party when I was 13 years old...I was swimming in a pool, and this girl just pulled me underwarter and kiss me-I was like, 'What just happened?!'"

So what kind of girls does Austin Mahone willing to take to an Italian restaurant and be walked at a beach before night?

#1 Austin likes to be the taller one in a relationship.

"I like someone who's shorter than me," Mahone tells M magazine.

#2  Austin likes girls who keep it 'cool'

By cool the crooner means "being one's self."

#3 Austin prefers girls with smooth and silky hair.

The length does not matter just as long as it's well-kept and silky.

#4 Austin Mahone loves girls with the wanderlust

The crooner cannot just help but fall instantly in love with girls who love travelling. He'd definitely date "Someone who likes to travel [is important] because I do a lot of traveling.. and traveling sometimes means waking up early." Mahone is quoted saying to M magazine.

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