Aussies are 'Run Away' Mobile Subscribers - Telsyte’s Survey Finds

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In a recent study released by technology analyst firm Telsyte, Australians were found to be the quickest subscribers to switch from one service provider to another.

"Nearly 40 per cent of mobile users are planning to or considering changing providers in the next 12 months, especially those who are already off fixed contracts," Telsyte Senior Mobility Analyst, Alvin Lee, says.

Reasons for quick change include dissatisfaction, bill shock and attractive offers available through Mobile Virtual Network Operators (MVNOs).

MVNOs feature high-speed 4G/LTE which set them apart from other providers. However, MVNOs  have less access to wholesale 4G than previous 3G/HSPA+ services.

The research also pinpointed that 15 per cent of the subscribers in the past 12 months have made the switch due to bill shock - most of which belongs to a younger age groups.

"Younger age groups and iPhone users are more likely to have experienced bill shock during 2013, mainly due to the excessive usage of local data, rather than international roaming charges," Mr Lee said.

The said behaviour from the mobile users will be advantageous to all service providers, as in the case of Vodafone which had suffered losses but had been trying to gain new subscribers especially with its new 4G network.

The survey also made mention of Amaysim and Telstra as the two best service providers because of their reliability, coverage, price and satisfactory customer etiquette.

Meanwhile, the study also predicts that 4G networls will comprise a total of 70 per cent of all mobile services by 2017. With this, the big names in the industry are expected to compete in providing family deals, bundles of services - all through the National Broadband Network (NBN), LTE-A and LTE B.

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