Aussie WWE Diva Emma Arrested For Stealing $20-iPad Case in Walmart

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Tenille Dashwood, popularly known as Emma in World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE), has been arrested for shoplifting in a Walmart store [mugshot]. She was reportedly caught while stealing an iPad case in Hartford, Conn.

Emma was arrested June 1 around 1 o'clock in the afternoon when Walmart security watched her take a red-colored iHome "Slim Swivel" case for iPad Mini. The case was priced at $21.14. Australia's first WWE Diva, however, preferred stealing it to spending 20 bucks to own it legally.

Her lawyer Hubert Santos argued it a mistake which Emma innocently committed. She apparently forgot to pay for the item while she was navigating the self-checkout machine.

She had been taken to the community court hours before the present week's edition of Raw set to be held at the XL Center. She was reportedly charged of sixth-degree larceny. She was sentenced to community service for a day. Her lawyer claimed the charges against the WWE Diva would be dismissed. She was later released at around 2:15 p.m.

WWE issued a statement regarding Emma's arrest. It cited WWE was aware of the arrest brought by shoplifting. The Stamford-based company held the diva responsible for her "personal actions." WWE did not clarify if the incident would influence Emma's employee status in the company.

Her first appearance on WWE was in January 2014 in a Raw episode. She appeared among the crowd and created apparent tension with Summer Rae.

Santino Marella invited Emma into the ring in February when she was asked to perform a dance-off against Rae. Emma came out as the winner through fan-voting. The tension between Emma and Rae grew further. She eventually beat Rae later in February.

Did You Know?

Name: Tenille Dashwood

Screen-name: Emma

Former name: Tenille Tayla

Age: 24

Birth date: March 1, 1989

Height: 5 feet 5 inches

Hometown: Melbourne, Australia

Trained by: Lance Storm

Currently signed tith: WWE/NXT

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