Aussie Women 5th Noblest Across 29 Countries - OECD

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Saturday is International Women's Day. As a means of celebration, Aussie women will be proud to know that they are ranked 5th among the noblest women among 29 countries.

Among 29 countries worldwide, Aussie women spent an average of 5 hours of unpaid work daily, according to a survey done by the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD).

Aussie women spent an average of 311 minutes per day on house work. But with them engaging to more unpaid work, Aussie women do not have time on leisurely activities like shopping, traveling, playing sport or other mundane activities like reading or watching television like most women in European countries.

The only "leisure" unpaid work that Aussie women can do is sleep, according to the study.

"Women are slowly closing the gap with men as more have careers. But there is still a huge gender gap in unpaid work, clearly showing that men are still struggling to lift much more than a finger from time to time. In virtually every country, men are able to fit in valuable extra minutes of leisure daily while women spend more time doing unpaid housework," OECD noted.

Director Helen Conway of Workplace Gender Equality Agency said unpaid house work forced women to only work part-time.

  "We know that women still do most of society's unpaid work. This reduces the amount of time women spend in paid employment, which negatively impacts their lifetime earnings and makes them more likely to be reliant on government benefits in old age," she told The Australian.

Aussie men only spent 172 minutes a day or under 3 hours on unpaid work.

Jennifer Melville, 27, told The Australian that she spends an average of 6 hours a day on laundry and preparing meals for her daughters.

"When it comes to housework, there are the basic things but also paying of bills or organizing a birthday party for kids - it is just constant. Thankfully, my husband and I even each other out - he takes care of mowing the lawn and cooking, and I do all the other stuff,'' she added.

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