Aussie Woman Gored in Spain Bull Run; Other Women Being Groped Naked in Public

  @AringoYenko on July 15 2013 12:43 PM

A 23-year-old woman was the latest reportedly gored participant in the last day of the Spain Bull Run of 2013 according to the Australian Embassy in Madrid and as confirmed by an Australian Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade (DFAT) spokeswoman. The woman was also being taken care of with all her needed consular assistance said the spokeswoman.

According to regional health authority spokesman Javier Sesma, the woman who was only identified by her initials, J.E. was struck by a huge Miura bull as she hang for safety to wooden barriers just outside the entrance of the bull ring.

In another report from the regional government that organized the event, the New South Wales woman was gored from her back by the Miura bull, causing her to suffer multiple fractures in the rib and damage to her right lung. With all the beatings that she took from the bull, the woman was left in grave condition following an operation at Navarra Hospital.

Miura balls, according to Sky News, are the most celebrated bull breed in Spain for its size and agility. Miura bulls are the fastest among bulls in Spain. They are very muscular, has remarkable speed, stamina and poise. In fact, Miura bulls were the inspiration behind the design of the Italian legendary car maker, Ferrucio Lamborghini. He had actually named one of his iconic sports car after the name of the Miura bull.

The last day of the Spain Bull Run happened quickly just within 2 minutes, 16 seconds to cover 850 metres from the bull's stables to the arena where the central bullring was. People could just imagine how hurt the NSW woman was with these turn of events.

Javier Solano, a local broadcaster of a San Fermin television said that the case of the NSW woman was rare since most of the participants who braved the event are men. The NSW woman was only the second woman to be hurt in the Bull Run according to previous accounts.

There were other participants hurt during the run but what particularly alarmed some Spanish government officials were the incidents were women participants were intoxicated by wine and then men tear their clothes off and grope them in public.

In an interview with The Independent, local government equality officer Fatima Frutos said, "It is not just about the amount of booze drunk, but local men and tourists think they can take advantage of the crowds to overstep the mark with women, and get away with it."

Mr Frutos added, "Hemmingway made this a world renowned festival, but the reputation for festive good fun could go down the drain if sexist aggression continues and gets worse. Women tourists will stop coming."

In other reports, there were four other participants who suffered minor injuries during the event. The other reportedly injured were a 39-year-old man from California, a 23-year-old man from Madrid and two other men from Navarra.

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