Aussie Woman is 3rd Victim of iPhone Electrocution

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Apple continues to shock iPhone users, not with news of the company's lower-than-expected earnings, but a literal electric jolt.

On Wednesday, a third victim of iPhone electrocution was rushed to the hospital when she was zapped while holding her smartphone made by the Cupertino-based tech giant. Reports said that the 28-year-old victim was holding the iPhone while at her Chatswood home when the electrocution happened at about 8 pm.

The unnamed iPhone user was rushed by a New South Wales ambulance to the Royal North Shore Hospital for treatment where she is now in a stable condition and not seriously injured.

It was not clear if she was charging the mobile phone at the same time while holding it when she was electrocuted, unlike the first two iPhone electrocution victims in China who were charging their units allegedly using fake chargers.

The first victim, an airline stewardesses died, while the second victim, a 30-year-old male is still in a coma.

However, the Sydney woman turned out to be the fifth victim of electric shocks from smartphones treated by the NSW Ambulance paramedics since January 2012, although it is not clear if the victims were all using iPhones or some had other phone brands.

Besides cell phones, other home electrical appliances were the culprits for injuries such as fingers amputated by blenders, burnt from hair straighteners and shocked from gaming devices.

Since the start of the 2013, Ambulance NSW had responded to 232 calls to such kinds of emergencies.

Apple has so far not yet issued any statement about the latest case of electrocution involving iPhones.

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