Aussie Toddler Wanders Off with Dog, Other Kids' Special Bond with Pets [PHOTOS]

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In Victoria, a two-and-a-half-year-old toddler had gone missing, but his pet dog kept him company and eventually led police to where he's gone.

Dante Berry wandered away from his home in Mildura Tuesday night. After over 13 hours, police found his paw-imprinted nappy and followed the path. The young boy was eventually found near a gliding club off a dirt track with his German Shepherd, Dasher.

Police said the footprints and paw prints of the duo showed they walked side by side on an adventure to a random destination. Finally, when Dasher sensed them coming, he leapt out to call their attention and led them to Dante.

Dante had grubby feet and legs from his unplanned overnight stroll with Dasher. But he was otherwise all right. He has since been returned to his family.

Dogs and Kids on 9GAG

On the humour site, photos of dogs and children are often uploaded albeit with funny captions. The cute images show a special bond between pets and kids. It is easy to believe friendship is actually possible between them.

User chabaas' uploaded image shows a toddler girl scrutinizing a dog's paws. The pet and the kid look so comfortable with each other, and they seem to be chilling like it's the most natural thing to do.

User frankysea shared an image of a baby on the crib acting playfully with a dog. In that moment, it seems the baby could not have a better best friend.

Other dog photos were uploaded by allydoodah, ingwarlove, and mombaya. See these amusing photos of a dog on the stairs ("Stuck"), marshmallows and pets ("Dog delivers, Cat steals"), and the love of a dog ("Love"), respectively.

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