Aussie Swimmer James Magnussen, Hotter than Michael Phelps? [PHOTOS]


When it comes to swimming Michael Phelps became a household name for his achievements at the Olympics. But little did anybody know that in the Land Down Under, there's actually a swimmer comparably good but over the top good looking.

Michael Phelps has already established his name in swimming. The 27-year-old swimmer was dubbed as the "Most Decorated Olympian" of all time with 22 Olympic medals in his record. He also holds the all time record for Olympic gold medals and had the most first place finishes at any single Olympic game.

In lieu with his remarkable athleticism at the Olympics, Phelps also won several awards that made his name even more famous globally. He earned the title "World Swimmer of The Year" for seven times and "American Swimmer of The Year" for nine times.

His success in the sport that he has chosen in undeniable. He has become an icon and an idol for those who wish to venture in the same field. But there are many catching up on his tail. There are other athletes who has the potential in being the next superstar in swimming, and that includes the gorgeous Australian swimmer James Magnussen.

With regards to swimming, some can say that Magnussen is just a rookie. But his records prove that he can become an even greater athlete given enough time. At 21, he has already won several medals for major international competitions like the Olympics, World Championships, Pan Pacific Championships and the Commonwealth Games.

Currently, James Magnussen is the 100 meter freestyle champion and also lands at fourth fastest in swim history at 47.10. At the 2012 Summer Olympics, Magnussen managed to snag two medal, one silver and the other bronze.

While it seems like Magnussen still has a lot of laps to finish and medals to win to beat Phelps' record, his good looks is definitely winning in the ladies department.

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