Aussie Radio Presenter Kyle Sandilands Under Fire After ‘Fat-Shaming’ Pregnant Mothers [VIDEO]

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Shock jock Kyle Sandilands has apparently fat-shamed pregnant women. The portly KIIS FM radio presenter gave an advice to mothers who have just given birth, saying they should start working on the treadmill.

In the promotional video “Random Acts of Kindness,” Sandilands teaches viewers how to arrange flowers for new mums. He started picking random blooms, hoping to arrange them into a beautiful bouquet.

In the end, his flowers are left unarranged at the far side of the table while other bouquets are displayed. It was a valiant effort, though, and would have turned beautiful if finished.

However, it wasn’t his flower-arranging skill that was in question. It was the “advice” he gave new mothers that is deemed offensive.

“There you go mum. You’ve got some flowers, had a baby, what else do you want? Now what you better do is three years on the treadmill to get that pre-baby body back in shape,” Sandilands told the viewers.

“Let’s face it, most of you are going to fail at that, but good luck trying. Because life is about trying, not about being thin. Although thin is better, trying is good.”

Reactions on social media are largely negative, with people pointing out that Sandilands himself is far from being thin.

This isn’t the first time Sandilands has criticised others for their weight.

In 2009, he was suspended for two weeks from his then-station 2Day FM after her remarks about Australian TV host Magda Szubanski. He said that she should be put in a “concentration camp and you watch the weight fall off ... like she could be skinny.”

In 2011, he also called News Limited jounarlist Alison Stephenson a “fat slag,” which led to several advertisers pulling out from the entire Southern Cross Austereo network.

Earlier in July, Sandilands pissed off celebrity Cameron Diaz after he slammed her best friend and “Charlie’s Angels” co-star Drew Barrymore on air.

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