Aussie Pop Star Kimbra: Is She Lady Gaga's Copycat? [PHOTOS]


Australian pop star Kimbra rocked the Grammy's the other day wearing a revealing dress by a famous designer from Perth.

Fashion director Jaime Lee Major got more coverage than she ever dreamed, when she sent Kimbra down the runway in one of her pearl-encrusted gowns. The dress was an exquisite creation - layering of pale turquoise silk tulle and embellished with more than 2kg of WA pearls.

Kimbra kept her hair and makeup quite simple, which allowed the gown to stand out on the red carpet.

Jaime Lee revealed that the dress was inspired by a recent trip to Broome, with the "turquoise hues of the water and the effect of the sunset's rays onto the surface''.

"The pearls are sprinkled around the hem of the gown, slowly graduating up the dress and into the bodice which is covered in gold beads, crystals and more pearls, all of which are hand sewn,'' the designer's publicist  Candice Wyman said.

Kimbra tweeted her love for the dress today, writing 'Props 2 @Jaimeleemajoe - creator of the bejewelled barnacle acid fairytale suit - had me feelin' like a queen homega!!'

Jaime Lee also added 'thankyou @gotye for writing Somebody that I used to know. You've changed my life man!'

However, news outlet compared the Aussie singer to international pop star Lady Gaga. The two resembled each other and reports claimed that Kimbra's style resonates that of the singer.

See the slideshow for the photos of Kimbra who looks like the international pop sensation Lady Gaga.

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