Aussie Mom Poisons 4-Year-Old Daughter With Chemo Drugs, Creates 'Fake' Facebook Page to Seek Attention

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An Australian mom in Queensland was sentenced to jail for six years after poisoning her 4-year-old daughter with chemotherapy drugs to attract attention.

The woman, whose identity cannot be revealed for legal purposes, has been tried before a Brisbane court. According to the judge, the 23-year-old woman has put her daughter at "unquantifiable risk."

Reports said the woman bought cancer drugs online and had her healthy daughter take them for nine months. The woman has spent 426 days in custody and will be eligible for parole on April 10, 2015. According to court documents, she had faked symptoms to have her appendix removed after poisoning her daughter.

In her desperate need for attention, the Australian mom wrote about her daughter's "fight for life" on Facebook. Her "cause" had attracted over 8,000 supporters and $500 in donations.

According to medical experts, her daughter, now aged 5, will more likely contract a life-threatening disease which includes bone marrow failure.

In an interview with reporters outside the Brisbane District Court, the young girl's maternal grandmother said it was hard for her to see her granddaughter sick.

She added she's was glad the girl is healthy now. The girl is now under the custody of her maternal granddaughter. The family has decided to stick with the woman throughout her jail sentence.

Catherine Morgan, defense barrister, said the girl's mother has suffered from an extremely rare mental disorder known as factitious disorder by proxy. Under this condition, a person will intentionally produce or exaggerate symptoms of another person under his care.

But Prosecutor Glen Cash did not agree. He said the woman was suffering from a personality disorder and not a mental one. He claimed the defendant was not delusional or psychotic.

He said the chemo drugs had placed the child at risk of infertility and increased her chances of developing cancer later on.

Judge Anthony Rafter said the mother's betrayal of her daughter's trust was "incomprehensible" for she had caused her child to experience severe suffering. 

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