Aussie Man’s Hilarious Valentine’s Day Ad Prank Goes Viral

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Valentine’s Day for a woman named Jodie in Tasmania just became a joke when her boyfriend decided to pull a prank on her for the whole Australia to see. What appeared to be a man’s romantic gesture to his girlfriend turned out to be an elaborate prank.

Alex, the boyfriend, bought a small space for an ad in the local paper Launceston Examiner on Friday. At first glance, Alex seemed to be gathering his courage as he prepared to ask his girlfriend a “very important and timely question.”

The ad titled “Jodie” reads: “Not sure how many characters I can fit into one advertisement, but here goes nothing. I wanted to ask you a very important and timely question. Seeing as it is Valentine’s Day, will you ma...”

A page break then split the ad, making it end with “ma.” With love in the air on lovers’ day, readers naturally assumed that it’s the first syllable of “marry,” and Alex was trying to propose.

“ dinner tonight or will I? Because I knind of wanted to finish Breaking Bad. Anyway, let me know. --- Love Alex,” the ad continued and ended with two heart icons.

Twitter user Matt Nicholls has a screen shot of the ad.

It’s unclear whether Jodie and Alex are real persons or if Alex really did post it for his girlfriend. For all we know, it might just be someone’s idea of a hilarious joke.

But if Jodie is real, then let’s just hope that she also found it funny.

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