Aussie Male Strippers Caught in Gun Brawl in Las Vegas

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Thunder From Down Under, a male group with shirtless muscled men as members, was caught in gun brawl in Las Vegas.

The group, which had been famous with women since 1991, wrestled a gun from a robber who stole things from their dressing rooms in the Excalibur Hotel in Las Vegas.

According to police reports, the group caught the thief red-handed as he rummaged their things. One member grabbed him and pulled him from the dressing room to a nearby square.

The thief then pulled a gun and fired a shot in the air, but one member was struck in the face by bullet debris during the brawl.

The thief was jailed in Las Vegas as police found he was under the influence of methamphetamine.

In a report from AFP, the gun was a 44-caliber magnum handgun. Once shot, a bullet struck a wall with the gun falling on the floor. The male members took the opportunity to grab the man until security arrives.

The suspect, who gave a fake name, was hospitalised before being jailed. He suffered a black eye and facial wounds.

 "The suspect definitely got the worst of it," Las Vegas police officer Laura Meltzer told AFP.

It was found out that the thief was already facing charges of attempted murder, armed robbery and burglary aggravated by use of a weapon.

Some people testified that the man was pacing the showroom back and forth wearing a SWAT hat, fireman's shirt and police-style boots. He was mistaken as one of the performers of the show. It was found out later that the costume he was wearing was stolen from Thunder Down Under.

Thunder From Down Under is popularly known in Australia as Manpower Australia. The male group was based in Las Vegas since 2001.

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