Aussie Croc Battles Bull Shark in Northern Territory

By @ibtimesau on

Passengers aboard the regular 11 am cruise were treated to a spectacular water animal battle on Tuesday, Aug 5, when notorious 5.5-metre Australian crocodile Brutus battled it out with a bull shark at the Adelaide River.

Brutus, estimated to be 80 years old, lacks a front leg which, according to passed-on accounts, was lost due to a shark attack. Thus, his epic battle versus the shark could be the croc's way of taking revenge.

Andrew Paice, a Sydney resident, shot the battle on his camera. He recalled, quoted by The Leader, "The shark was still alive. Brutus took the shark back into the water and then started to shake it around a bit."

Bull sharks are among the species in the river. They can grow to more than three metres long.

On the other hand, since Brutus was old, his teeth were weak and the reptile had difficulty puncturing the  flesh of the shark. But Brutus eventually won over the shark, which is a feasible scenario, according to a spokesman of the Taronga Zoo, because the battleground was shallow waters. Had it occurred at deeper water, it would have been easier for the shark to escape the jaws of Brutus.

Paice, who shared the croc vs shark images below, said the animal battle was the highlight of their family's four-month travel..


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