Aussie Cleric Supports Banned Terrorist Group

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Australian Cleric Abu Sulayman continues with his widespread teachings in behalf of the banned terrorist group Jabhat al- Nusra as revealed by his biography released through al-Nusra's Twitter account.

According to the release, Abu Sulayman left his religious study and joined a jihad to Syria. He was motivated by the rampant violence in different Islamic communities. He was particularly agitated by the sufferings of Muslim brothers in Syria.

According to the biography, Abu Sulayman is now a high ranking member of al Nusra's General Islamic Council.

"Having joined the ranks of the mujahideen, the Shaykh continues his studies and teaching, as well as standing alongside and encouraging his brothers, on and off the battlefield. He has also helped to ­establish many Islamic programs, travelling around Syria offering Islamic instruction, mediation and legal services to both the muhajireen and Ansar as well as everyday citizens.''

Abu Sulayman became a name in Sydney Australia as he preached extremist teachings at the Al-Risalah bookstore. He served as al Nusra's shari'a official in the city of Raqqa, Lebanese Daily Al-safir reports. He was shortly called by the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS) in the wake of a conflict between ISIS and al Nusra.

According to the The Middle East Media Research Institute (MEMRI), Al-Risalah is an Islamic bookstore in Sydney which holds lectures and activities for a wide range of audience.

As implied by its various activities, the bookstore tries to impart extremist and militant Islamic teachings.

"Both its online presence and the lectures presented there convey an ideology that is sympathetic to the global jihad movement, that rejects democracy and all man-made systems of government while calling for implementing the Islamic shari'a worldwide, and that strongly advocates the principle of al-wala wal-bara (loyalty among Muslims versus complete disavowal and repudiation of non-Muslims) It also advocates extremely rigid adherence to traditional gender roles," MEMRI said of Al-Risalah.

It was alleged that Al-Risalah was responsible for the Sept 15 2012 disturbances in Sydney where Muslims destroyed public property in protest of an anti-Muslim film.

Abu Sulyaman had controversially set up a Twitter account,@jabha_soldier.

His very first tweet expressed his support of chief qadi Maysar Al-Jubouri.

"May Allah make you steadfast, sheikh, and bless your jihad and make your intent righteous. May Allah grant you and me martyrdom..."

Abu Sulayman had since then set up another account, @abusulayman321. His profile described him as member of "Al-Qaeda in Syria".

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