Aussie Among The Injured In Swiss Train Accident

Police And Rescue Workers Help After A Passenger Train Derailed Into A Ravine Near Tiefencastel
Police and rescue workers help after a passenger train derailed into a ravine near Tiefencastel in a mountainous region of southeastern Switzerland after encountering a mudslide on the tracks August 13, 2014.

One Australian is among the reported 11 people injured when three Swiss train cars derailed along the Swiss Alps following a landslide.

The accident took place on Wednesday as the train travelling from St. Moritz to Chur was dislodged by a landslide, causing for its two compartments to be left hanging into a ravine along the Swiss Alps.

According to police spokesman Daniel Zinsli, the train was carrying at least 200 people and 11 people were injured but were already brought to the hospital by the responding Rega helicopters.

Also, a team of paramedics were already deployed to attend to those passengers who had to walk back down the railway after the incident.

The incident proved to be traumatic for all passengers. Some of them were trapped inside one of the carriage that slipped off the railways and hung above the deep cliff with only trees stopping the carriage from falling down to the abyss.

Five people, of the reported 11 injured, were seriously hurt and had to be rescued through airlift by Rega helicopters.

Rega helicopters had airlifted Michael Schumacher from a hospital in France to a rehab clinic in Lausanne, Switzerland, when he awakened from a coma in June.

There had been no updates about the severity of the injuries of that single Australian as of press time.

Rescuers had successfully rescued all passengers by mid-afternoon, the Daily Mail reports.

"There was a derailment just before 1pm. The train made an emergency stop because of a landslide, sending at least two of the carriages over the edge," a local police spokesman told the Daily Mail.

"The track simply slid away immediately behind the locomotive. The organisation Rega has been deployed to fly out casualties," an eyewitness said.

The railway network where the incident happened was dubbed as the world's safest railway. However, prior to the accident, three people had already died in another accident involving a mini bus ramming a crossroad.

The train is operated by Rhaetische Bahn that transports tourists to Switzerland's major tourist destinations. Hence, the train was popular among foreign travelers.

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