Aussie Actress Cate Blanchett Dedicates BAFTA Best Actress Award to Philip Seymour Hoffman

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It did not came as a surprise for such a renowned actress as Cate Blanchett to give honour to another great late actor Philip Seymour Hoffman as she recently accepted her BAFTA Best Actress Award this year for the movie Blue Jasmine. However, could this mean a steady, continuous course towards the Oscars?

It was apparent who the Aussie actress fought back her tears as she dedicated her award saying, "Phil buddy, this is for you," according to Daily Mail. Instead of focusing on her triumph for the night, she took the time to remember how the late actor has served as a 'continual, profound touchstone' for her as an actress.

The Blue Jasmine actress faced off other competitive stars such as Amy Adams, Judi Dench, Emma Thompson and even Sandra Bullock. With this, she did not forget to show appreciation to thank the BAFTA for being added to her list of accolades that has been continuously growing too.

The 44-year-old actress already won two BAFTAs in the past, one for the movie The Aviator, while the other is for Elizabeth, The Australian recalls. She did not specifically named her Blue Jasmine director Woody Allen during her speech but just simply referred to "everyone" who made the movie truly memorable and a "game-changer" for her as a professional actress.

Her not mentioning of Mr Allen could be related to the recent controversial issues that the classic director has been facing with regards to the sexual abuse accusations he is facing. It was all recently revealed by his adopted daughter Dylan Farrow when he was still with former partner Mia Farrow.

Unfortunately, the alleged victim did not just pointed out the issue to Mr Allen but also took regard of the actors he has worked with lately, including that of 'Blue Jasmine's Cate Blanchett and Alec Baldwin. "What if I had been your child, Cate Blanchett," the rhetorical question of the alleged victim stated.

It was also reported that Dylan's open letter released to the public was a way of convincing the awards organizations to discourage giving awards or any recognition to Mr Allen's latest film Blue Jasmine.

Can this still affect Cate Blanchett's way to potentially getting an Oscar Best Actress trophy?

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