Augment: New iPhone Case With Extra Battery Life

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Apple's iPhone is currently being used everyday. Ever since this handset has become a necessity among users in their daily activities.

But users face a problem of battery life. With its maximum usage, either the battery doesn't keep up or it shuts down completely. The available options are having battery cases and power banks which are heavy, bulky and too messy.

Augment is a new case series from Rubix that gives a different effect on the traditional battery case. It is the first of its kind mobile charging solution. It is a modular charging case for iPhone 5 /5s that allows to increase the capacity by an additional 1200 mAh. It is very simple to use and very effective following the "plug and play" module that will give 60 percent extra power when needed.

The new case series can be used on a premium phone like iPhone with a unique style. It is so small that fits into a coin pocket taking up very little space when attached to the case.

The Augment charge unit comes with a micro USB charging cable that will charge and sync iPhone when connected. It can be charged with the phone by jacking in and individually using the USB cable. The Augment charge module is a perfect balance between power and size.

The small LED status indicator on the side of the module alerts the remaining power. The outside of the case is covered with durable TPU and the inside has a polycarbonate shell to add reinforcement. There are color options for both charge module and case: black, blue and red.

Around 30 units of both iPhone case and battery charge were produced, trialed and tested. The feedback was positive and Augment charge received Made for iPhone approval from Apple. This provided Rubix to continue with the final certification after obtaining the funding goal. The release date is not revealed as the company is in its final stages of acquiring certifications. 

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