Attention Kendall Jenner: Harry Styles & Taylor Swift Caught Talking At Pre-Oscar Party

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Harry Styles and Taylor Swift's split was one of the most talked about break-up last year and the couple made it even made it messier by not leaving an opportunity to diss each other in public. However, this time the two of them did not diss each other but accidently reunited for a pre-Oscar bash.

Reports suggest that Harry and Taylor were caught conversing with each other and there was apparently no bad blood between the ex-lovers.

An onlooker said: 'They looked totally fine considering all their history.'

For the occasion, Taylor Swift opted for a cream dress, which she coupled with her bob cut hair and scarlet red lipstick while Harry Styles looked sauve in a Burberry suit. Things looked much better between the couple as compared to their last year meet during the VMA's. When last year Swift accepted the best female voice award for her song "I Knew You Were a Trouble" she dissed Harry styles. 

''I want to thank the person who inspired this song because he knows exactly who he is, because now I've got one of these."

When Taylor said this the camera panned to Harry Styles and his band mates couldn't stop smirking. However, all this is in past now and currently Harry Styles is dealing his break-up with Kendall Jenner.

Harry Styles and Kendall Jenner reportedly started dating last month in November and the couple was spotted going on various dates along with the major PDA moment they had the Eagles concert.  But their relationship came to halt due to professional pressures and rumors flew that Harry Styles couldn't cope up with Kendall due to the long distance strain.

Fans wonder what Kendall Jenner has to say about Harry's accidental reunion with Taylor Swift. Will this bother the "Keeping it up with Kardashian" star?

Kendall is apparently crushed after her break-up with the One Direction singer and has been leaning on her sister Khloe for the support. Let us know how do you think Kendall will react to Harry and Taylor's reunion.

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