Attention Justin Bieber: Selena Gomez Might Sleep with Drake?


Are Drake and Rihanna on the verge of breaking-up? The recent turn of events seem to have fueled rumors that Rihanna is miffed about the fact that Drake has the hots for Selena Gomez.  

Reportedly, Drake hinted about his feelings for Selena Gomez in a new song "Who Do You Love." Drake started the song with a line, "I'mma crush that a** even if it ain't too big," and before anyone could guess, it took the fans down the memory lane where Selena Gomez has confessed in an interview with 103.3 AMP Radio that she doesn't think her ass is big enough for Drake.

Though Drake did not take any names while crooning, reports suggest that he gave subtle hint about his wish to go down and dirty with Selena Gomez. Fans wonder what Justin Bieber & Rihanna have to say about this?

Though Justin Bieber is not dating Selena Gomez anymore, rumor mill is abuzz with the news that Bieber is not happy with Selena's growing friendship with other male celebs in Hollywood, especially Niall Horan. And if Drake is allegedly singing about his feelings for the " Come And Get It" singer, Justin may not like it.

Meanwhile, Rihanna is been linked to Drake for months now. Regarding their romance a source revealed to, "Drake "knows what he has with Rihanna is genuine and real."

However, a source also hinted that Drake is keeping a safe side in his relationship with RiRi as he is no mood to get betrayed.

"They're not together in that type of way for him to feel betrayed," a source revealed to

 Do you think Drake is keeping his doors open for Selena along with dating Rihanna? Is he not in a safe place with RiRi?

Well who can blame him when RiRi is reportedly exchanging flirtatious texts with Chris Brown once again?  Moreover, the buzz suggests that Chris Brown has dumped Karrueche Tran as he re-ignited his romance with Rihanna.

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