Attending a Prom Party? Have a Leading Fastfood Chicken Corsage For Accessory

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Too excited for a prom party but feels awkward asking a girl for the date on the big day? Worry not, KFC has developed a novel way to bring the "finger-linkin" chicken to the rescue.

KFC Chicken Corsage

For $20, you can avail of a mouth-watering drumstick with a bunch of baby's breath flowers in a wreath that's sure to match with everything. For the corsage centerpiece, take a pick from extra crispy, original recipe or Kentucky-grilled chicken flavors.

Daily Mail reported the company rolled out the limited edition corsage has already sold 40 pieces out of the 100 wreaths.

When ordering the chicken corsage, expect the baby's breath corsage and $5 KFC voucher rather than the actual drumstick to arrive. Cash in the voucher before fetching your prom date to keep the chicken freshness.

You may also bring your date along to the nearest KFC drive thru so she can personally choose from the three "finger lickin" chicken flavors.

The company's newest product launch was made possible through a team-up with the Kentucky-based florist Nanz and Kraft who helped develop the product and suggest additional flower choices.

Still not convinced that the product does exist? Then take a look at KFC's Youtube video endorsing the product. According to the video's caption, surprise your date with a chicken corsage that will make her eyes light up and her mouth water.

The video showcased a guy holding a box of KFC corsage standing outside the door of her prom date's house. When he handed the gift to her date, the lady's facial expression seemed unsure at first how to respond then the irresistible aroma of the chicken reached her nostrils.

The girl's reaction changed and she realized that the wreath was the ultimate "promposal" gift ever. At the prom party, the pair dances in slow motion with the guy leaning over to kiss the lady and the lady leaning in for a chicken bite.

Those who have already experienced it the product has already lived the dream and have shared it on Twitter.

So go ahead, have the KFC chicken corsage for accessory on your prom party!

Watch the video on Youtube.

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