AT&T, T-Mobile Dangle Budget Tablet Plans for Google’s Nexus 7

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Nexus 7 was recently picked up for U.S. distribution by AT&T and T-Mobile, allowing American buyers of the unlocked Google-Asus tablet to connect via the two telcos' HSPA+ network.

Both offers are accessible on Google Play store though The Verge noted that the AT&T-Nexus 7 deal is actually an extension of the package that was first unravelled November last year.

For $US240, Nexus 7 owners can enjoy cellular connectivity over the next two year plus a bonus rebate of $US100. Validity of the promo is only until Feb 14, according to AT&T, adding that other tablet owners can also buy into the package.

Over at T-Mobile, the 32GB model of Nexus 7 is now on the network for $US299, a check on Google Play store showed. Note that the tablet will remain unlocked but buyers will at least get a ready SIM card right out of the box should they choose to tick this particular offer.

Nexus 7 has been attracting third party distributors since it was issued last year. Publications started offering the tablet shortly after it was introduced by Google. The device is lumped with subscription offers that practically dangle Nexus 7 for free.

Dubbed by tech experts as probably the best tablet outside of the iPad territory, Nexus 7 also convinced telcos from key markets around the world to stuff the 7-inch tablet with their plan offerings, leading to considerable subsidies and more consumers flocking to the Nexus gadget. It was a certified from the onset.

It's practically the same story with the Nexus 4 smartphone, though with a major slant. The handset remains in back delivery for some time now, causing frustrations among many buyers, many of them waiting since December to either secure a unit or receive the delivery promised to them some weeks ago.

Nonetheless, the powerful but affordable Google smartphone remains in the crosshair of distributors, the latest of which is Virgin Mobile UK.

For many, getting the Nexus 4, unlocked as well, on key stores would at least ensure that the mobile phone will be delivered to consumers anytime soon, a task that Google seemed unprepared to efficiently perform at the moment.

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