Atheist Ad Campaign ‘Not Approved’ in Vancouver, Human Rights Violation Suggested

By @snksounak on

A seemingly atheist advertisement gets an unofficial ban in Vancouver.

The Centre for Inquiry Canada designed a billboard where a woman is smiling and a few 'biblically' styled phrases say: "Praying won't help." The apparent atheism depicted on the billboard does not get the approval of a Vancouver billboard company which refused to run it in the city. The group is all set to lodge a complaint for violating their human rights. The ad also says: "Without God, We're all good." - CBC News reports.

According to one of the board members of The Centre for Inquiry Canada, Pat O'Brien, Pattison Outdoor considered the ad 'unacceptable' when it was submitted to them. On the other hand, they did not provide any proper reason why the ad was not acceptable to them. When asked for guidelines, Mr O'Brien's organisation was told that there were no set guidelines which could possibly be given to them. On the contrary, Pattison Outdoor President Randy Otto told CBC News that Pattison Otto had nothing against the organisation or their ads.

Mr Otto said that the organisation took a stand which meant that the ad had to be kept the way it was or it would be taken away. The organisation is now suggesting that the said action which they took themselves violated their human right, he said. Nevertheless, Mr Otto admits that the organisation was asked to modify the ad to reflect company guidelines. However, he was unable to specify the kind of modifications asked to be made.

On the other hand, two other atheist ads on a couple of Kelowna buses disappeared mysteriously in Okanagan. Those ads are also bought by the same organisation, the Centre for Inquiry. Those say: "There probably is no god, now stop worrying and enjoy your life.". According to the Centre spokesman Guy King, the ads must have been 'professionally' removed from the buses which they were in the B.C. Transit yard.

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