Asus PadFone 2 is Now JellyBean-Ready, Start Tapping that Update Button

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Google's JellyBean has commenced its deployment for the Asus PadFone 2, initially hitting Taiwanese owners of the two-in-one gadget, with other regions likely to follow shortly.

This fresh Asus patch will erase the Ice Cream Sandwich to make way for the Android series 4.1.1, which essentially adds up newly-enhanced Google features such as Google Now. It's a definite Christmas joy for lovers of the dockable device that stuns both as smartphone and tablet.

Tech blog site FoneArena first reported the over-the-air (OTA) update, which it said should be completed 30 minutes tops, barring any glitches. To make sure none would interfere with the Android refresh for the second PadFone edition, it is advised to access only the update file on full battery charge, the blog site said.

But in case the phone freezes on the boot screen (it is expected to go through reboot cycles during the whole process), simply power down the unit and turn it back on after a number of seconds, FoneArena said.

The update is easily triggered by tapping the Main Menu, then Settings and About Phone on the PadFone 2. Once completed, you can check by looking on this indicator RO03L to ensure that you now have the JellyBean.

This is your best bet in knowing that ICS has been bumped off, according to AndroidHeadlines, adding that Asus mysteriously opted to keep "the same skin that was present in Ice Cream Sandwich but all the new Jelly Bean features, like new notifications and Google Now, are there for your enjoyment."

Also, expect to enjoy new JellyBean sweet servings such as offline voice typing, voice search, an improvement on face unlock and the ability to use the volume keys as the camera key.

However, the most notable addition for your PadFone 2, AndroidHeadlines said, is the voice search integrated with Google Now, which acts very much like Apple's Siri - delivering info you asked for by actually answering back.

One reminder: This is a rolling update exclusively coming from Asus so keep on checking if the company has already pointed the patch to your direction. The deployment is expected to reach global scale over the next few weeks and likely to be completed before 2012 bows out.

With JellyBean now on the PadFone 2 menu, it has become a virtual machine ready for full-production-mode, needing only a companion physical keyboard that Engadget said Asus could soon roll out.

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