Asus Memo Pad 7 Makes For a Strong Case in the Low-End Android Tablet Segment

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Asus to Launch Zenfone 4, 5 and 6 on 11 April in China; Specs Details
Asus to Launch Zenfone 4, 5 and 6 on 11 April in China; Specs Details Reuters

The new Asus Memo Pad 7 is here and is out to make a powerful statement on several fronts. The foremost here is the arrival of Intel on to the big scene so far as mass low cost tablet computing is concerned.

While the first gen Memo Pad 7 that also featured an Intel heart did impress, the 2014 edition is even more impressive with its performance. With that, concerns of its ability to pair up with Android effectively should also be put to rest judging from the way the tablet performs even when pushed to the limits.

However, the biggest positive with the new Memo Pad can easily be the price point it is launched in, claims CNET taking into consideration all that it brings to the table vis-à-vis the competition.  At just $149, the tablet is cheap enough to be considered even as a second buy for more general purpose usage.

The build quality is really impressive, something that puts it in good stead in the face of such exalted competition such as the Nexus 7 or the Kindle Fire HD. At 296 gms, the tablet is also light enough for single handed operations comfortably.

That said, the 216ppi display which continues to be the same as was seen last year is rather disappointing; more so when for a few bucks more one can have the Nexus 7 (323ppi) 2013 that boasts of a far better display.

Special mention should also be made of the quad core Intel Atom Z3745 chip and 1 GB RAM combo that really does a good job. Performance is slick and smooth with lag times being negligible. Fortunately, the performance boosts does not come at the expense of battery life, which Asus claims to be good enough for 9 hours. That figure can be pushed up even more using the Smart Saving options the tablet comes with, as PC Advisor points out.

Meanwhile, in a related development, Asus has said it has out-performed even Apple in the Japanese market. Much of that has to do with the price considering the Asus tablet is price at around half the price of that of an iPad in that country, as reported in Ubergizmo.

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