Astronaut Captures on Photo Australia’s ‘Catastrophic’ Bushfires


Chris Hadfield is just no plain Commander of NASA's International Space Station. He is also once photography aficionado. And this passion has helped the world see for itself the massive 'catastrophic' bushfires that is currently raging on in Australia.

More than 100 wildfires are currently raging and ravaging properties across the world's driest inhabited continent. The photos released by NASA showed how Mr Hadfield breathed life to a photo of bushfires across Tasmania on January 8.

Also on Tuesday, the country's Bureau of Meteorology was forced to add deep purple and pink into its forecasting colour wheel maps to aid weather temperature projections exceeding 122 Fahrenheit or 50 degrees Celsius, which experts said Australia might experience starting next week.

A flight engineer, Mr Hadfield is currently living aboard the space station. He regularly posts photos of his view of planet Earth on Twitter.

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