ASTRA Awards Betting Odds: LifeStyle Channel Set to Dominate Again, Shaynna Blaze and Andrew Winter Favourites to Win

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The Australian Subscription Television and Radio Association (ASTRA) Awards night is scheduled roughly two months away and fans can still vote for their favourite shows and TV personalities.

But did you know that you can also bet on the ASTRA Awards results? Various sportsbooks are offering betting lines for the ASTRA event. So while your favourite TV show and celebrities are bagging those awards you can also win some serious cash off the event.

Here are the odds for the more popular categories-- Favourite Personality, Male and Female and Favourite Australian TV Show:

Betting Odds – To Win Favourite Personality – Male  Andrew Winter (Selling Houses) 1.40 Peter Maddison (Grand Designs) 6.00 Matty Johns (Monday Night with Matty Johns) 7.00 Danny Clayton (The Riff) 9.00 Paul Murray (Paul Murray Live) 10.00 Alex Perry (Australia’s Next Top Model) 13.00 Didier Cohen (Australia’s Next Top Model) 15.00 Paul West (River Cottage) 21.00

Betting Odds – To Win Favourite Personality – Female  Shaynna Blaze (Selling Houses) 1.40 Jennifer Hawkins (Australia’s Next Top Model) 6.00 Naomi Sequeira (Hanging With Adam and Naomi) 7.00 Danielle Cormack (Wentworth) 9.00 Lara Pitt (Rugby League coverage, Sterlo & Monday Night with Matty Johns) 10.00 Nicole da Silva (Wentworth) 13.00 Laura Jayes (Lunchtime Agenda, Election 2013) 15.00 Brooke Corte (Trading Day, Business Agenda, Media Week & business news coverage) 21.00

Betting Odds – To Win Favourite Australian Programme  Selling Houses 1.40 Grand Designs 6.00 Wentworth 7.00 Paul Murray Live 8.00 Australia's Next Top Model 9.00 Paddock to Plate 15.00 Abalone Wars 17.00 River Cottage 21.00

Selling Houses hosts Andrew Winter and Shaynna Blaze are the clear favourites in their respective categories and it’s no surprise as well that their show, “Selling Houses” is the top show pegged to win as the most popular TV show on Australian television.

For those new to betting, here’s the simple formula:

X (Amount of Bet) times Betting Odds = Payout

For example, every $100 wager would net $140 at betting odds of 1.40 (for Winter, Blaze or Selling Houses). Or if you want to pick the heavy underdog to win: a $100 would have a payout of $2,100 if Paul West, Brooke Corte or River Cottage wins!

In 2013, the biggest winners were Fox Footy for being named the Channel of the Year and the LifeStyle Channel, which went home with five awards including winning the categories Favourite Male and Female Personalities.

It appears LifeStyle Channel will again rule the awards night this year if the betting odds patterns are to be believed.

The 2014 ASTRA Awards will be held on March 20, 2014.

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