Astonishing Beer Making Story Of A Nun

Top Reasons Why A Nun Runs A Beer Factory
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Catholic nuns are destined to live in the corner of monasteries and pray for the world and work for charity purpose, but it will be a strange thing if a nun changed her profile as a brewer. When the morning bells ring at the convent, along with all other Sisters, Sister Doris wakes up and moves to the brewer room; she starts the duties very early in the morning.

The wonderful beer making hands active at Mallersdorf, a 12th-century abbey in the Bavarian highlands, by a Franciscan nun since 1930s; SisterDoris took in charge of the beer department after followed by the senior sister.

"She looked me up and down like a farmer eyes an ox," she said to a visitor about how she has been selected by the senior sister for this job; she was appointed by the senior as a brewer master, CNN reports.

During the middle ages the female brewers were common in Germany and the job belonged to ladies, and notwithstanding its beer culture. Sister Doris is the best example for all nuns who are not only destined to live for God, but to serve some beer and can star for the Germany's retrograde beer ads. However, the regional trade association doesn't include at least single woman in its ranks.

In Germany, a small group of ladies brewing beer; Mallersdorf Abbey is one of the pilgrim's centers and thousands of devotees reaching here to seek blessings from the saints' relics which is occupied in the abbey church.

During the visit people depend on other water sources to drink pathogen-laden streams and wells; at this juncture beer was considered as the safest drink during the middle ages. This is the reason for the rise of beer-making business during that period and gradually it became an important sideline at monasteries throughout Europe. 

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