'Assassins Creed Unity' Features Update: NPC Camouflage, Advanced Parkour, And More

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A Man Plays The Game "Assassin's Creed: Unity" On Stage.
A man plays the game "Assassin's Creed: Unity" on stage at the Ubisoft Media Briefing in Los Angeles, California June 9, 2014. Reuters

"Assassins Creed Unity" will be out for the PC, Xbox One, and PS4 on Oct. 28. Ahead of its much-anticipated release, a video gameplay was already spotted online. It shows some new features of the game, including advanced parkour capabilities and the ability for players to do a quick camouflage in their environment.

A beta video of the game was leaked by YouTube user nivek elia and posted by DSO Gaming online. Unfortunately, the video has been removed for copyright purposes. However, another footage (below) from the same source shows the amazing parkour feature in "Assassins Creed Unity."

According to Cinema Blend, the leaked gameplay showcased the 11-minute footage of Arno's first mission for the Brotherhood. Among the notable highlights spotted during the player's bout of "goofy stuff" was the parkour. According to writer William Usher, who is one of the first few lucky viewers of the leaked video, "Assassins Creed Unity" features seamless free-running movements.

Since 2007, Ubisoft has reportedly been trying to achieve a natural look to the game feature, and it has finally paid off as evidenced on the leaked gameplay. Usher claims "Assassins Creed Unity" shows none of those "herky-herky" transitions in animations compared to what the players would often see from previous game titles. Arno's parkour as he moves from ledges to platforms reportedly looks natural that according to the writer, it "adds to the immersion of the character and his movements."

Another highlight worth mentioning is the quick turnaround time for the player's ability to camouflage. On the video Usher claims the player was able to disguise himself as an NPC "right there on the fly." This feature will reportedly be a good strategy in deceiving pursuers.

Eurogamer also claims some levels in "Assassins Creed Unity" will feature familiar faces of Assassins and Templars from other time periods aside from those of the French Revolution Paris. These include Assassin's Creed 1's Altaïr, Assassin's Creed 2's Ezio, Embers' Shao Jun, 3's Haytham, Liberation's Aveline and 4's Edward Kenway (see photo from the site).

According to the game tester, the player's "goal is to is collect data on the map to find the location of a trapped assassin on the map."

Ubisoft reportedly declined to comment on the leaked "Assassins Creed Unity" video gameplay when contacted by Eurogamer.

Source: YouTube/nivek elia

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