Assassin's Creed 3 Cheat Guides for Xbox, PS3 and PC [Video]

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The 2012 Ubisoft game Assassin's Creed 3 enjoyed worldwide success in Xbox, PS3, and PC. The story is about the fictional world of Assassins fighting for peace and Templars who desire total control. The game is in 3D with tons of possible movements during battle which can be difficult for some players. To make things easier, here are some guide to cheat out the game play for Xbox, PS3, and PC.

PC Cheat Engine - Unlimited Money and Other Items

This cheat engine manipulates the value of your money inside the game, and it can also be applied to medicine, knives, bows, guns and bombs.

1.      Download the Cheat Engine on your computer.

2.      Launch Assassin's Creed 3.

3.      Launch the cheat engine you have downloaded and make sure you open the appropriate for your system.

4.      Open inside the cheat engine the active Assassin's Creed program.

5.      Type the current amount of money you have in the and press "first scan."

6.      Go back in the game and throw some money. After that, return to the cheat engine window.

7.      Type the money value after you threw some money on the cheat engine and press "next scan."

8.      Highlight the two values displayed and press the knife button.

9.      Select the two values displayed below and right click on them. Select "change record > value." Change the value according to how much money you wanted.

10.  Return to Assassin's Creed and press menu then resume to make the cheat changes.

Xbox/PS3 Cheats and Hidden Pivots

Secret Assassin Turkey After Sequence 6, go to the Davenport Homestead and stand next to any corner on the outside of the house. Enter to Stealth mode and lean against the wall of that house. Press B to whistle and a turkey should appear if done correctly. Highlight the turkey then press up (2), down (2), left, right, left, right, B, A quickly, to feed it. Now that turkey will wear and assassin's hood and follows you around.

Pivot Cheats Pivots becomes available after completing the campaign or during the epilogue. They are hidden collectibles which can be found throughout the game but requires the player to be online. You can get the first three pivots offline by using the tutorial and then collect others placed by other players online. To find the next pivot, create a triangular position using the first three pivots by placing them on your map to make a green zone. You can remove and replace then on your map screen. After a search zone has been made, look for a square icon on your mini-map to find a new pivot. Each pivot unlocks a Animus Hack cheat code under the options menu. For every 15 minutes, a new pivot will spawn and a timer appears in the menu.

  • Infinite Ammunition for pistol and bow
  • Killing Spree: Allows assassination while not in stealth mode
  • Made of Steel: Invincibility
  • Ninja: Disables enemy AI and they will not see or hear you
  • Recruit: Infinite supply of recruiting tokens.
  • Season Changer: Toggles summer and winter seasons
  • Semi-Automatic: No reloads for ranged weapons
  • Sun and Moon: Toggles day and night
  • Thunder Kill: For each, a thunder and lightning will happen
  • Weather Man: Sets current weather condition

Alternative Costumes

Complete indicated tasks to unlock costumes such as:

  • Achilles' Original Outfit at the manor
  • Altair's robes at the manor with 100 per cent sync on all story missions
  • Assassin's robes from sequence 6 with different colors
  • Baltimore outfit from sequence 9

Uplay Rewards and Unlockables

Access Uplay from the main menu, register and earn Uplay points for completing indicated tasks. Spend the Uplay points to purchase bonuses.

Shard of Eden

Complete the five Captain Kidd missions to receive a Shard of Eden ring. It reduces change of being hit by bullets.

For the complete list of cheats, visit the for Xbox Assassin's Creed.

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