#askJulia: Julia Gillard Answers Questions on Education

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Australian former Prime Minister now Chair of Board of Directors for Global Partnership for Education (GPE), Julia Gillard, will answer the question on Education on May 8 from 10.30-11.30am BST via Twitter handler @GdnGlobalDevPro.

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Ms Gillard had one question in mind that she also wants to be addressed -- how can we ensure that girls are not left at home while boys go to school? But the session is open for any questions that could shed light to global education problems and questions that people have in mind.

Gillard was as passionate in her new role.

She condemns the decrease in global education funding. She was very vocal in her key note speech delivered at the Student Centre of the Education City where 16 countries meet for the Educate A Child (EAC), The Gulf News reports.

"There has been an alarming decrease of aid to education, a decrease of 6.3% between 2010 and 2011. The financing needed for education is huge. To make changes in the present basic education scenario, we need new resources to drift into education," Gillard said.

With GPE, she called for nations to step up funding for education. The children, she said, should realise their rights to education.

 "I am very concerned in the current freefall in global funding in education especially to basic education. We need both donors and the governments to do more in education. There must be new commitments from every corner to invest in basic education."

She added that a meeting in Brussels aims to seek the commitment of donors to invest their resources in basic education.

"We will also appeal to developing countries to increase their investment in basic education. It will be an important opportunity to reverse the trend of funds getting decreased in basic education. We need more partnership and perseverance to achieve the immediate goals. We also need good ideas and good resources to meet the goals of providing basic education for all the out of school children in a very short period."

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