Asian Human Dolls: from Sayina Kiko to Moon Kana [PHOTOS]

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Being a human doll might be getting recently popular in some parts of the world, but it has been a trend in Asia for many years now.

Because of the popularity of Japanese anime school girls, many Asian teenagers dream to become "human dolls." Here are some of these Asian human dolls who transformed themselves into looking like they came from the pages of mangas and cartoon shows.

1.       Sayina Kiko

Sayina is a Chinese-American who enjoys looking and dressing like a breathing doll. According to her Facebook page, she is attending Beijing International Studies University. Sayina goes under the nickname "Lukiya," and enjoys singing and posing for photos (obviously).

2.       Wang Jiayun

By looking at her, one can instantly tell that Wang Jiayun's eyes are too big for her heart-shaped face, especially because she is of Chinese descent. This teenager is originally from Guangdong, China, and is quickly becoming an internet sensation because of her transformation. She only weighs 42 kgs, and was born on June 13, 1993.

3.       Fujiko Hie Hatsumiyako

She currently lives in Rome but has a look of an Asian descent, explaining her huge desire to be a living doll. Among all the Asian human dolls in this list, Fujiko Hie Hatsumiyako's before and after looks are by far the most drastic.

4.       Moon Kana

Moon Kana looks like she came straight from your favorite Japanese cartoon superhero show. Fond of "cosplaying" or dressing like her favorite characters, Moon Kana likes to sing and has made a career out of it. She is labeled as a "Japanese visual kei pop singer," and does a lot of work to make is appear so.

5.       Alexia Kyung

Not actually from Asia, but "Mexican human doll," Alexia Kyung, likes to be referred as if she is a genuine Japanese doll.  She has dark, straight hair, gentle features, and looks that make her seem like she is indeed Asian.

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