Ashlee Holmes Kept in Dark about Kim Kardashian Diss while Filming Lipstick Music Video

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Ashlee Holmes, who is featured in the video "Lipstick" that disses Kim Kardashian and her family in a very clear and rude way, has now backtracked from the entire episode saying she was kept in dark while filing the video. Ashlee says she is in fact a big fan of the Kardashians and watches their reality show.

The media was abuzz on Thursday talking about a sexually explicit video by "Real Housewives of New Jersey" star Jacqueline Laurita's daughter, Ashlee Holmes where she disses reality star Kim Kardashian. The controversial music video by Pink Grenade and rapper Bim Fernandez talks about oral sex and has sexually explicit lyrics along with a mention of "Keeping up with the Kardashian" star.

Ashlee Holmes now however says that she too came to know about the Kardashian diss in the video by a story that appeared in Radar Online. "I have ZERO animosity towards Kim Kardashian or her family. I'm actually a big fan of their show. I follow Khloé and Kylie on Instagram," the star revealed to the Web site.

"The version of the song we heard had NOTHING to do with Kim Kardashian or her family...I was completely floored by the ending voice over dialogue," the actress revealed to the Web site.

Ashlee is seen playing with various colours in a see through white t-shirt in the video, which can be seen here.

"It ain't over mother--kers. Yo, when she says Lil Kim she ain't talkin' about the rapper," a guy raps when the explicit music video is about to end.

"No disrespect to Biggie's homegirl. What she's talking about is Kim Kardashian. That's right. Because Kim Kardashian, she has little money, next to Bim's big money. So yeah, f--k you Kim Kardashian," the song thus concludes mentioning Kim's name twice to stress on the fact that it is indeed Kim, who is being talked about here.

 "F**k your whole family," the man says in the video at the end as Ashlee blows a kiss towards the camera. The Kardashians are yet to react to the video. 

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