Ashanti Gushes Over Manny Pacquiao, the Grammy Award Winner to Sing National Anthem in Pacquiao-Bradley Rematch

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Manny Pacquiao has invited Ashanti to sing America's national anthem in the Pacquiao-Bradley rematch on April 12, and the RnB singer and Grammy Award winner was more than happy to accept the invitation. Apparently, Ashanti is a big fan of the Filipino boxer.

"I am so happy that @Ashanti accepted my invitation to sing The National Anthem at my fight with @TimBradleyJr on April 12, #PacBradley," Pacquiao wrote on Twitter on March 5.

"It will be sweet music from @Ashanti and chin music for @TimBradleyJr at our April 12 rematch, Live on PPV, #PacBradley @trboxing," Pacquiao added.

Ashanti confessed to that she is big supporter of Pacquiao. Isnt' it overwhelming how celebrities' fans are also celebrities. This kind of stardom is most common with sports personalities who get to have celebrities like actors, actresses, and singers to support them. Some of the biggest celebrity fans of sporting stars even take time out of their busy schedules so they can be present to watch their icon's games or matches.

"I'm such a huge fan of Manny Pacquiao," said Ashanti.

According to Ashanti, she has relatives that also play the sport of boxing.  She is related to 1978 Olympic boxing gold medalist Howard Davis Jr. and light heavyweight fighter Dyah Davis. Ashanti said that she couldn't contain herself when she saw Pacquiao seated to her during a Knicks game and told her dad that they should take a picture of Pacquiao. Click here to see the photo of Ashanti with Pacquiao that she posted on her Instagram.

"I told Manny I was a big fan and was so excited when he asked me to sing the National Anthem at his upcoming fight and I can't wait."

"I actually love boxing."

"Manny's such a champion and I can't wait to cheer him on," Ashanti concluded.

It has been five years since Ashanti released an album. On March 4, she released her fifth album titled "Braveheart" under her own label. Speaking to TIME, Ashanti said that she did a lot of work to finish her latest album. Due to the fact that it is being released through her own label "Written Entertainment," she had to go through almost everything including producer agreements, scheduling, budgets, as well as getting a clearance. She said it involved a lot of work, sacrifices, and risks but the music was all worth it.

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