Celebs Over-50 who Look as Young as 25: Ways to Maintain Your Weight Post 50

By Sarah Thomas
August 1, 2014 11:36 AM EST

Celebs Over-50 who Look as Young as 25: Ways to Maintain Your Weight Post 50

While women struggle to maintain their body and health in their late forties and early fifties, there are over-fifty celebrities who have stunned the world with their enviable bodies. Madonna, Helen Mirren, Christey Brinkley, Jodie Foster, Sharon Stone and Marcia Cross are a few to mention. Each of these beauties have their own success mantra.

Researchers state that it is difficult to lose weight post menopause because women tend to be less active, with a lower metabolic rate and an increase in appetite-related hormones. But losing weight post 50 is not as hard as though to be. Researchers from the University of Pittsburgh enrolled 50 women in a weight loss study, they examined their eating behaviors over four years.

The study included about 500 obese postmenopausal women whose waist sizes were greater than 31.5 inches. These women were not suffering from high blood pressure, heart disease, or diabetes. Half of them were given a diet and made to meet a nutritionist regularly, exercise specialists, and psychologists. The other half of the women were not given any of this but were given the opportunity to attend seminars on general health. It was seen that women who were on a diet and met with a nutritionist lost an average of 8 pounds while the other half just lost half a pound.  Their food consumption habits had also changed.

 Researcher Bethany Barone Gibbs, PhD, of the University of Pittsburgh said, "People who were able to decrease their consumption of desserts and sugar-sweetened beverages tended to have more success losing weight and keeping it off." The study was published in the Journal of the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics.

There are several diet plans that can be followed and exercise regimes as well, it had also been seen that following the diet over a long term would make it a permanent part of one's lifestyle. Many mature women have successfully lost weight by changing their consumption patterns, celebrities however have adopted different ways to get that fat off their body and stay fit.

69 year old Helen Mirren is doing a 12-minute calisthenics workouts modeled after the Royal Canadian Air Force exercise plan. The workout includes stretches, pushups, sit ups and on the spot running. The main reason for the development of this workout was to give people a total body workout without equipment. Helen also admitted that the calisthenics workout was the only exercise she followed.

Christie Brinkley an American model and actress also stands among the league of actors who are ageing like fine wine. At the age of 60, the actress looks fit and beautiful, she follows a vegetarian diet and regular workouts. She does yoga, strength-training, running and walking. A vegetarian diet she said, helps lose weight and look youthful.

Jodie Foster's fitness secrets lie in the Pilates exercise which helps relieve stress, tone the muscles without straining them and breathe in positive energy. It increases strength and flexibility.

While these celebrities do some amount of physical exercise, they all maintain a strict diet which helps the most in weight loss for women over fifty. Jillian Michael, American personal trainer, businesswoman, author and television personality from Los Angeles, California advises, "Healthy diet, exercise, and clean living that's the key. While it's true you can't continue to burn the candle at both ends like you did when you were younger, you can reclaim your health in every way if you work at it." She provides three essential tips to get your body on track, count your calories, work out hard and eliminate chemicals from your life. When you shed pounds you feel healthier and younger too.

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