Camilla Parker-Bowles Celebrates 67th Birthday, Duchess Allegedly Accuses Prince Charles of Killing Princess Diana—Reports [PHOTOS]

By Riza Ornos
July 22, 2014 6:38 PM EST

Camilla Parker-Bowles Celebrates 67th Birthday, Duchess Allegedly Accuses Prince Charles of Killing Princess Diana [PHOTOS]

Camilla Parker-Bowles, the second wife of Prince Charles is allegedly accusing the Prince of Wales of killing his first wife, Princess Diana. Camilla has been confiding in Kate Middleton about her fears that she could be the next target of her husband as she knows all the secret of the royal family.

"Princess Diana was killed through a plot hatched by her ex-husband Prince Charles, his new wife Camilla Parker-Bowles is allegedly claiming," Inquisitr reports. "The report comes just days after what would have been Prince Diana's 53rd birthday. Diana, an unknown kindergarten teacher before marrying Charles, was given the nickname "The People's Princess" for her common background and sense of being relatable."

The Duke and Duchess of Cornwall's marriage has been the center of divorce speculations and Camilla's alcohol addiction. Now as she turns 67, the British GLOBE magazine July 28th print edition claims that Camilla is telling Kate her version of the truth behind the death of the beloved princess and feared for her life as she believed that there is a cover-up regarding her brutal death.

"Perhaps Charles is tired of her, or perhaps there's a reason that she's "next," according to Celebdirty Laundry. "Maybe he doesn't want anyone by his side when he ascends the throne, or maybe he's worried that she'll steal the spotlight. Even worse he might fear that she will reveal inside information that could be damaging."

Prince Charles alleged part of Diana's vehicular accident is not a new speculation and it all started when the princess' former butler, Paul Burrell, found Diana's handwritten letter claiming that the Prince of Wales is plotting to kill her. The note was sent to Burrell in October 1993, 10 months after her divorced to Charles was announced.

The letter in question was shown to Diana's confidante, the wife of former Brazilian ambassador to London, Lucia Flecha da Lima, and said that the late princess never expressed her fear for her safety. "I still don't believe in it," she revealed in an exclusive report of the Telegraph.  "Paul Burrell was perfectly capable of imitating Princess Diana's handwriting. I don't believe she was fearing for her life, especially from Prince Charles, the future king of your country."

These speculations were slammed by the royal couple during their recent visit to Looe and Plymouth during their West Country tour. The Duke and Duchess appeared relaxed and smiling as the town's people crammed just to get a glimpse of the royals and even managed to talk to the locals who are affected during the winter flooding.

The Duchess celebrated her last year's birthday with Charles in Lostwithielfor, Cornwall and was treated with warm greetings and endless birthday wishes. She was presented with a candle covered birthday cake in a shape of a hat during their three-day visit of Devon and Cornwall, while the town's band played "Happy Birthday."

Her husband also joined in as the crowd erupted into an impromptu chorus of the song and after everyone made their wishes the couple used a ceremonial sword to slice the cake.

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