Kate Middleton's Pregnancy Hearsays: Possible Evidence Revealed [PHOTOS]

By Tanya Diente
July 20, 2014 9:08 AM EST

Kate Middleton's Alleged Pregnancy: Possible Evidence Revealed [PHOTOS]

Ever since Kate Middleton's friend Jessica Hay announced that Kate is pregnant with her second child, news media has been all over the Duchess of Cambridge and Prince William. The royal couple has been tight-lipped so far regarding this recent development to Kate's pregnancy rumours. However, reports have examined this possibility by looking at all the evidence they could find through the photos of the Duchess.

Kate Middleton's wardrobe has unusually changed, according to E! Online. The Duchess of Cambridge has reportedly been wearing loose-fitting clothes since July.

During the start of the Tour de France celebration, with the hot humidity outside, Kate was spotted wearing a long-sleeved, zipped-up dress. She allegedly even used her clutch bag to conceal her baby bump. Days prior she also donned on a belted red dress, again carrying a small purse to reportedly hide the growing baby inside her. It seems like she always had her hands poised over her belly, giving the impression that she's hiding something. E! also reported that when she was snapped carrying a bouquet of flowers while wearing another loose-fitting blue coat, she seemed to have purposely placed the bouquet before her growing belly.

See all photos from E! Online

Even Jessica Hay, Kate Middleton's friend from high school, also noticed the change in the Duchess' fashion style. She told Australia's New Idea Magazine that Kate is showing the first signs of pregnancy by gaining a little weight. She has also changed the way she styles her hair, reportedly to hide a fuller face brought on by her pregnancy. Kate's pal also noticed that the Duchess of Cambridge always carries a small accessory (like a purse) with her when she steps out in public.

"Whenever she's out in public she goes to great lengths to hold something over her tummy," she said.

Furthermore, betting odds whether the Duchess of Cambridge and husband Prince William will soon have a sibling for Prince George was reportedly at 8-11.

The odds were initially at 4-1 before online gaming and betting company Ladbrokes confirmed to E! that they have suspended the bidding. When the suspension was announced, the odds went up 8-11.

However, the palace is yet to confirm the pregnancy through an official statement. Until then news of Kate Middleton's confirmed pregnancy will remain as a rumour.

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