World Cup 2014: The Best Goalkeepers, Tim Howard, Guillermo Ochoa And More Social Media Favorites [Photos]

By Tanya Diente
July 9, 2014 1:50 PM EST

World Cup 2014: The Best Goalkeepers, Social Media Favorites [Photos]

News about the World Cup 2014 in Brazil is still making the buzz online as players from different parts of the world kick their way to be the champion. With every attempt at making a goal the skills of the goalkeepers are also showcased, as they make sure to block the opponent's ball from making a score, thus saving their team.

Inquisitr has listed down six of the best goalkeepers (not in particular order) in the World Cup 2014. Some were previously unheard of until the game. Now they have become favourites among fans of the social media.

United States - Tim Howard

Thanks to Tim Howard, the US team was allowed to go into overtime during the US vs Belgium match. According to Inquisitr, Howard became "a wall" during the game, establishing him with a record of 15 blocks.  The goalkeeper became an instant internet sensation in a country that claimed soccer is not the most popular sport.

Germany - Manuel Neuer

Manuel Neuer is a striking figure on the field with his height of six-foot, four-inches. The goalkeeper has already made a name for himself under Germany's Bayern Munich, where he has won numerous trophies for being the world's best goalkeeper.

The Germany vs Brazil match proved Nuer's skills according to DailyMail, as he showcased a string of impressive blocks at the beginning of the second half. As Brazil's players Ramires, Oscar and Paulinho sprayed him with attacks, Neuer remained firm, deflecting all their efforts to score a goal.

Brazil - Júlio César

Júlio César became Brazil's hero in the penalty shootout win according to The Guardian. He helped his country gain victory against Chile when he blocked the first two penalty shots.

He has won his country's trust back after he was vilified in the World Cup 2010, in Brazil's match against Holland.

"After what happened in 2010 I see now how many people are cheering for me and wanting the best for me," he said.

Mexico - Guillermo Ochoa

Guillermo Ochoa has lightning reflexes making him a genuine brick wall in the goal. His best save came during Mexico's round 16 game against the Netherlands, when he blocked a defender's ball just four -yards away. The split-second save when Ochoa threw his arms out was, according to DailyMail, technically flawless.

Costa Rica - Keylor Navas

Keylo Navas led Costa Rica to the quarterfinals of the World Cup, according to Metro UK, when he blocked Greece's Theofanis Gekas' shot during the penalty shootout. His intervention was especially helpful when Costa Rica came up one man short, and during times when Greece almost scored more than once.

Colombia - David Ospina

David Ospina's best performance according to Inquisitr came in round 16 during Colombia's match against Uruguay, where he deflected the opponent's ball more than once.

The goal keeper, along with James Rodriguez, is one of the brightest players in Columbia's team.

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