5 Reasons Why Australia Could Be Asia's Next Casino Hub

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July 7, 2014 3:32 PM EST

Aside from Macau, Australia is poised to becoming the next ultimate destination for high rollers in Asia. Aside from experiencing significant growth in sectors like mining, digital technology and tourism, the continent-country is developing to invite more people from various parts of the globe to see its breathtaking natural wonders as well as enjoy in its many entertainment hubs. It also helps that, according to PricewaterhouseCoopers, Asians are becoming more and more interested in high-stakes gambling. Here are some reasons why Australia can be the next biggest casino venue in Asia or the world.

1. Growing investors

A number of billionaires have started investing in casinos and giant resorts in Australia after acquiring their gaming license. There are over a dozen casinos already being developed in the country. Some casinos feature large entertainment centers, golf courses, giant aquariums, super clubs and skyscraper hotels. More integrated resorts are being built and expanding in Queensland and Sydney particularly.

2. More tourists

High rollers particularly like to take a vacation in Australia because there are a lot of places to see and natural wonders to explore aside from rolling the dice all day. Gamblers can take treks, spend hours lying on the beach or view exotic animals in the many wildlife parks and zoos all over the country.

3. Job opportunities

More people are migrating or entering Australia with working permits to specifically work in casinos and entertainment venues. It is estimated that in 2014, over 20,000 new jobs in the casino industry will be created. It spells economic growth for the country which in turn will help encourage investors to continue improving casino facilities and services. Investors from Singapore, Hong Kong, China and the Philippines are getting stakes in casino businesses after discovering that it can indeed be a lucrative business.

4. More high rollers

Millionaires who are looking for a great challenge will find counterparts in Australia. There are several notable gamblers and high rollers who are willing to play big. The number of casinos that allow high ceilings are also growing, inviting premium players to share in the thrill of big bets.

5. Lenient licensing terms

Investors continue to pour more money into casinos and mega-resorts after Australian authorities have become more lenient in granting them operation licenses. The Australian government now understands how growing the casino industry can fuel economic growth. The business does not only cater to the rich but also to the middle class. Joint venture agreements and partnerships are being formed to particularly take advantage of the licensing terms.

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