5 Key Elements Of Qantas' New Frequent Flyer Loyalty Scheme

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July 4, 2014 3:12 PM EST

In light of its new financial year, Qantas recently promoted the "Fairer Flying" loyalty scheme for frequent flyers. Business travelers, in particular, will notice the changes. This is by far the most drastic change that the airline has gone through in almost three decades of existence.

1. New ticketing levels

Before, there were five ticket or booking classes. Qantas has expanded these to eight core groups. Each group will earn points and credits depending on the type. For Qantas flyers, they will now have to determine the right class to book in to make sure that they get full credits. The "cabin bonus" provided to flyers in premium economy is already gone. Instead, there is a bigger baseline of points for premium economy passengers.

2. New zone system

Qantas and its partners have been divided into regions to develop the new system. There are four regions namely Domestic Short flights, Domestic Medium flights, Domestic Long flights and East Coast Australia to Asia. Depending on which zone you are flying in and the type of ticket, you will receive status credits.

3. New travel plans

Because of the changes, many business travelers were forced to make adjustments to their travel plans, to their advantage in most scenarios, by earning the most points possible in the most convenient booking packages available. Some passengers, however, have to make sacrifices with previous bookings. Others are still trying to determine the right core group to pick depending on their region.

4. More points

Frequent business travelers will realize how the new loyalty scheme helps them earn points in a shorter period of time compared to the old approach. Those who do not ride business class will not see any noticeable changes in their status credits. The Oneworld partners of Qantas have cut their status credits by around 50%, which means that loyal passengers of the Australian airline will move up the ladder faster.

5. Reduced points for economy riders

Status bonus points are no longer available at the economy rate of premium cabins. The status bonus will be applied to the frequent flyer points baseline as depending on the ticket. Basically, riding business class will help you accumulate points faster rather than riding economy, regardless of whether you are a Gold or Platinum member.

Some people were forced to give up their loyalty because of the new scheme. Others, however find the change beneficial especially in the long run.

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