Justin Bieber Prediction: Singer Dead in 2 Years Due to Partying Lifestyle [PHOTOS]

By Riza Ornos
June 28, 2014 12:02 PM EST

Justin Bieber Prediction: Singer Dead in 2 Years Due to Partying Lifestyle

According to security expert, pop sensation Justin Bieber might end up dead if he does not change his partying lifestyle. Famous celebrity bodyguard, Kris Herzog, was recently asked to assess Bieber's security team and to weigh how safe he is with his gangsta friends who are posing as his security escorts.

Known for his security agency, The Bodyguard Group of Beverly Hills, Herzog's staff is comprised of trained security experts (ex-Navy Seals) who are qualified to handle any emergencies and situations. But in the case of the Canadian pop star, his untrained security team are one's who tolerate all his whims to the extent that the airplane's pilot have to wear an oxygen mask for them to smoke weed in the plane.

"Herzog hand delivered his findings to Bieber's manager, Scooter Braun and in it he predicts that unless the young star is willing to make major changes like firing enablers he could be dead within two years," Celebdirty Laundry reports. If fans think about everything there is known about Bieber's behavior in the past 18 months and add in all of the things that Herzog learned while investigating his lifestyle it sounds like his prediction is right on point.

The singer was recently spotted in the Commons at Calabasas in Los Angeles on June 24, looking for a sparkler for his on-and-off again girlfriend Selena Gomez. Now back in each other's arms for two weeks now, the estranged couple was spotted together in a Hollywood hot spot snorting lines of cocaine, according to InTouch magazine.

"They got caught doing lines. The video is pretty dark and fuzzy, but someone's trying to get paid for it," a source told the publication.

The good looking duo never failed to make headlines whenever they split and get back together, and this time Bieber seemed to be serious of keeping the "Spring Breakers" star. Hollywood Life even urges Jelena to get engaged and have a serious relationship together.

"Justin, no one can deny that you and Selena have had a roller coaster relationship, but something tells me that your latest reunion is different!," according to the Web site. "You can say "I do" to living together as a serious couple who are committed to spending the rest of your lives together!"

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