'Directioner' Gets Harry Styles' Attention at Concert: ‘You don’t want a boyfriend like that' [PHOTOS & VIDEO]

By Diadem Pambid
June 9, 2014 10:49 AM EST

'Directioner' Gets Harry Styles' Attention at Concert: ‘You don’t want a boyfriend like that' [PHOTOS & VIDEO]

Harry Styles certainly pays attention to the fan signs "Directioners" hold up during concerts. In fact, one fan of the boys had snagged the curly-haired cutie's eye thanks to her depressing fan sign. In addition, Harry even gave her a bit of advice after reading her message.

Samantha Strain, the 24-year old who happened to think of the most ingenious message to put on her fan sign, is certainly the cause of green eyes for "Directioners." Why? Well, Samantha had got the attention of Harry Styles at the boys' Edinburgh Gig.

Strain had put up a fan sign with the message: "Just Been Dumped :(" Of course, Harry just couldn't resist asking why.

"Because I came here," answered Sarah to which Harry replied: "Ah, he doesn't like us. You don't want a boyfriend like that anyway. You don't. I'm telling you. You want someone who is supportive."

Immediately after Harry released such words, the Internet exploded with "Directioners" wishing Harry was their "supportive" boyfriend. As for Samantha Strain aka Sarah, the fan sign that caught Harry's attention wasn't entirely true.

"I know I told a lie about being dumped, and I'll probably be dumped now, but it was worth it," stated Sarah to the Daily Record (via Sugarscape).

"Everyone was like, 'Oh my god, he loves you. He just keeps looking over here now," continued Sarah.

Check out the video of Harry reacting to Sarah's fan sign below.

Can Harry Styles get any more adorable? "Directioners" now have to think of other ways to get the curly-haired cutie's attention during concerts because "Just Been Dumped" won't work the second time around.

Check out the slideshow to see more of the loveable Harry Styles of One Direction.

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