Apple Safari Users Top Porn Survey from Pornhub

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By Athena Yenko | June 6, 2014 1:37 PM EST

Apple Safari users, both for the iPads and the iPhones, are the most frequent watchers of porn from Pornhub, a survey revealed.

More than 50 per cent of the 38 million visitors of Pornhub each day are accessing the Web site from their tablets and smartphones, the Pornhub Team revealed.

Apple iPhone Safari users made up 38 per cent of the overall Pornhub traffic coming from mobile devices. Android lands second at 29 per cent and Google Chrome at 18 per cent. The survey noted Chrome can be accessed on different mobile platforms unlike Safari and Android which can only be accessed exclusively using certain devices.

Apple iPad Safari users, on the other hand, hold the significant 73 per cent of traffic coming to Pornhub from tablet users. Chrome comes second in this category at 14 per cent, Android at 8 per cent, Amazon Silk at 5 per cent and BlackBerry users at 0.69 per cent.

In terms of browsing using desktop computers, Safari users choose from an average of nine Pornhub pages before engaging in one video, Internet Explorers users look at an average of 8.2 pages, Chrome and Firefox at 7.6 and 7.4, respectively, and Opera at an average of about 7 pages. Internet Explorer Mobile tops this category at browsing 10 Pornhub pages before engaging in one video.

As per engagement, Amazon Silk users stay on a Pornhub page at an average of 12 minutes and 33 seconds each time they visit the site. iPad Safari users engaged 2 minutes less compared to Silk users. Android users only engage 9 minutes and 45 seconds each visiting time.

On content, Safari users prefer watching videos related to "massage" but do not access videos of sex-tape star "Kim Kardashian." "Christy Mack" on the other hand were being pulled up by Safari users exclusively.

"Kim Kardashian" is a content being accessed across all browsers (excluding Safari). "Farrah Abraham," on the other hand, is only being accessed by Internet Explorer users.

"Asa Akira" is a popular search on all browsers.

On a side note, the Pornhub Team saw an interesting activity coming from the Internet Explorer users.

"Over half of Internet Explorer users coming to Pornhub are using the latest version 11. Version 10 was released in 2012 and brings 17.5% of the traffic. Version 9 (2011) and Version 8 (2009) each bring just over 14% of visitors," the team wrote.

"IE 7 (2005) and IE 6 (2001) still account for 2.5% of our traffic, and unbelievably we do still have daily visitors from IE 5 looking for a porn fix," the team noted.

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