‘The Fault In Our Stars’ Ansel Elgort: Five Reasons to Love Him [PHOTOS]

By Riza Ornos
May 16, 2014 3:57 PM EST

‘The Fault In Our Stars’: Five Reasons Why We Love Ansel Elgort [PHOTOS]

Best known for his role in "Divergent," rising star Ansel Elgort is making a lot of buzz today with the release of another hit movie, "The Fault In Our Stars." Before landing the high profile roles, the 20-year-old New Yorker was just another theater actor hoping to get a break. Now,  he can finally touch the stars and is currently soaring high in his new found fame.

After playing the younger brother of Shailene Woodley in the film adaptation of "Divergent," Ansel was cast to play the lead and love interest opposite Woodley in another book adaptation written by John Green. "The Fault In Our Stars" is his second major movie and his first leading role in the big screen.

Born in the Big Apple, Ansel's father, Arthur Elgort, is a photographer who has worked with Vogue and his mother (Grethe Barrett Holby) is an opera director. He first started acting at the age of 12 when he starred in his high school's production of "Guys and Dolls" and after his performance at the school play he was cast in the off-Broadway play, "Regrets."

Now a household name, "The Fault In Our Stars" actor is turning each movie a venue to showcase his acting skills. Set to premiere on June 6, the upcoming romantic comedy-drama movie will make his fans love him more as he plays Augustus Waters, a young man who fell in love to a cancer patient played by Woodley's character.

Here are the five reasons why fans love Ansel Elgort.

1. Aside for being an actor, Ansel is a talented EDM musician and producer, and he just recently released his first record, "Unite." Carrying his alter ego's name Ansolo, the young club music lover hopes to branch out to other music after releasing his first record.

2. Before landing his big break, the actor was raised as a ballet dancer and theater performer. A well rounded artist, the star is scheduled to star in the upcoming comedy film "Men, Women & Children" by Jason Reitman.

3. Back in 2009, Ansel won his first Golden Demon award at Games Day Baltimore as a talented decorated miniature model painter.

4. When he was 15, Ansel used to model for Teen Vogue and since then he has done various photoshoots for magazines with his photographer dad and sister. He modeled alongside Cara Delevingne in the beginning of 2013 for the US edition of Vogue, and was part of Teen Vogue's Young Hollywood Photo shoot in September of the same year.

5. When asked how he end up getting major roles in such an early stage of his career, Ansel blames it all for working hard and his theater experience. "Even my agents and everyone are sort of saying that you're not supposed to get them. They've never really had anyone who's done this really quickly," he revealed in an interview with The Hollywood Reporter. "I guess it would have to be that I did a lot of stage first. I've been performing and working for a while. I put a lot of work into it. It was really nonstop for years."

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