On the Porn Set, Cult-Like Groups and Quitting Jobs - Behind Unplanned America

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By Athena Yenko | May 15, 2014 3:53 PM EST

Speaking with Paul Kalina of The Sydney Morning Herald, SBS's Unplanned America trio Tim ''Gonzo'' Ryan, Nick Maher and Pawel ''Parv'' Jarecki shared their experience of filming some bizarre culture of America.

The group shared that they gained access to America's cult-like group because they were not judgemental about the underground culture. They approach the group with an open mind which gained them trust and willingness for members to lighten up.

"I think it was beneficial that we were such a small group. Had we said we're MTV and we want to do this it might have come with a certain perception of what we're trying to do. I think because of that people welcomed us into their world a lot more," one of the trio said.

Their most interesting filming was that of the Insane Clown Posse and their fans Juggalos. It was such a surprise that they were able to penetrate the group.

"We just rang the record company  and were very open. I think it again goes back to maybe because their spirit is quite independent and they saw us as a non-threatening way to tell their story. Even on the porn set we thought it would be hard to get access. Maybe it's America where they're all so open and want their 15 minutes of fame. Also, it's easier to get a hold of anyone through Facebook. We were honest with what we were trying to do. We didn't want to exploit anyone."

However, the trio shared that not everyone was easy on them. At one point during filming Juggalos, one guy told them to piss off. But they remained unshaken and continue showing everyone respect while filming.

"Because we didn't shove the camera in people's faces, we'd seek permission before filming, people warmed to us. On the porn set one actress was stand-offish and you could tell she was wary of whether we were taking the piss, but that was an exception to the rule," they shared.

The trio all quit their jobs and without sure plans they head to the land of the free, riding a '99 Camry with 300,000 kilometres.

For six months they traveled America's 35 states and bizarre culture only armed with the cheapest GPS they could find and kindness of strangers along the way.

The result was something out of their comfort zone as they discover worlds they did not know exist.


"...if you're sick of your job, don't wait for someone to come along and make a change for you. Be bold, take a risk and have a bloody good time doing it," Tim Ryan wrote.

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